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Comenius Project 2011-13 Reflection

In the Comenius project with the topic “Youth, Lifestyle and Social media” (2011-13), which is funded by the EU, the countries of the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and Germany participate.
The first meeting was held in the Netherlands, Hardenberg. Previously, the students prepared surveys about the main topic “Social media” and presented their results and movie about each school and town. The big event, everyone was excited about was the trip to Groningen and the self-recorded “Comenius song”. The song is about the multifarious smoothly running cooperation despite the diversity of languages.
After the emotional valediction the preparation for the next meeting in Sweden, Söderhamn went on. This time the students had to work on the topic “Home & Lifestyle” where the differences between the countries had to be fleshed out. Also a brochure of each country´s “Home & Lifestyle” was made.
The trip on the “Moa Moa” (pleasure steamer/boat) to a little island was very exciting, too. Unfortunately this week ended so quickly, but luckily the next one was in sight.
The third meeting took place in Germany, Diepholz, where the meeting had the motto “Cook and (Face)-Book”, which means that time, the subject was cooking.
Together, typical dishes were prepared in the school´s own kitchen. Every nation had its own special menu and the food was delightfully consumed with a lot of fun preparing everything.
The main excursion was the trip the Hamburg, where the “Michel” was visited and the Elb River explored, completed with a tour of the city and its Christmas Market.
Just another meeting is left, the trip to Poland where everyone is really looking forward to. There the topic will be a comparison of “Fashion & Design” of each country.

Laura Krome, Solveigh Paulus


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