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Comenius – Project 2011-2013 approaches the end

In the summer of 2011, the BBZ Dr. Jürgen Ulderup in Diepholz starts the Comenius-Project “Youth, lifestyle & social media“ together with three schools from the Netherlands, Sweden and Poland. The focus in this project is the contact and cooperation with neighboring countries.
After the successful kick-off meeting in Hardenberg in the Netherlands, meetings takes place in the schools in Söderhamn (Sweden), Tychy (Poland) and Diepholz in two years time.

In early June, the German group of 4 students started their last meeting of the Comenius-project under the direction of Mr. Willenborg and co-teacher Mrs. Windels. The destination was Tychy, a city in Poland. The weekend before, they visit Krakow where they had the possibility to get in touch with the Polish culture and history e.g. the Wawel cathedral, the famous Cloth Hall at the marketsquare or the gallery of international culture center.

The week begins with a trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau to the former concentration camp during the Second World War. All the pictures and information the pupils receive are very depressing for them and they are relieved to leave this place and drive to Tychy where the host families have been waiting.

The subject of this fourth meeting with the pupils of the Comenius-Project is “Fashion and design“. Every group prepared a short presentation of a famous native designer and performs it in English in front of the audience. The absolute highlight is a self-created white T-shirt and a catwalk with appropriate music, light and atmosphere.
At the end of the week, the international group goes on a trip to Breslau, the fourth biggest city in Poland. The old facades of the houses, churches and the big university give a great view of this city where the students felt good.

All in all, the pupils have got many impressions of the country, which language they didn’t understand. Besides the activities of the subject of the meeting and the living in a Polish family, the group also had a possibility for a mutual understanding during bowling and billard.

After this exciting and eventful week, the travel group of the BBZ Diepholz got very silent during the flight back home. They were aware that the two-year project was irrevocably over.
However, lots of memories and contacts to the participants remain.

Clip of the Meeting in Tychy in June 2013:


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