Berufsbildungszentrum Dr. Juergen Ulderup


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Our fundamental idea is that the best prerequisites of teaching and learning is an open, appealing environment provided by the best infrastructure and equipment. Our school shall provide working space at all of its three locations of Diepholz and Sulingen to enable every individual to develop his own personal capabilities. The conditions for lecturing and learning are continually under review.

Mutual appreciation, through thoughtfulness, respect, and tolerance of everybody involved in school life, is one of our priorities. Staff council, student and parent representatives contribute to the planning and organisation of our school life.

Decisions made by the governing body of the school and the teachers shall be transparent and comprehensible. Democratic values determine the processes of our school. We want everybody to feel welcome and  accepted at our school. Our conception of man is based on the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In order to deliver a forward-looking vocational education we feel obliged to constantly update the curriculum which makes regular training a necessity. Therefore, we continually review our current standards of education. We attach importance on human-oriented workplaces and an effective quality management.

At our school you find room for mutual encounters, a comprehensive range of projects and school-wide activities. We very much support intercultural education. At each of the three locations the school tries to meet the needs of the regional environment and represents the Vocational Schools Diepholz altogether.

It is the aim to reach educational consensus among teaching colleagues as well as between the different departments. Thoroughly prepared concepts build the basis for planning and the implementation of future projects. Teachers support each other in teams and working groups and benefit from synergetic effects while fulfilling their tasks which leads to job satisfaction.

The cooperation with our partners in the dual schooling, the partnership with the neighbouring schools has a great significance at our school. Ongoing dialogue about the quality of education, comprehensive out-of-school learning activities and projects and further education are of great importance for us.

In the light of current economic and social change we are aware of the immense significance education has for our future. Consequently students consider important environmental issues and consider solutions in order to limit the effects of these problems.

The primary objective of the BBZ Dr. Jürgen Ulderup as the regional Centre for Vocational Education is to provide qualifications of young people. In the best possible  way we want to prepare our students for the challenges in life: whether in their future apprenticeships, further studies or in the professions.

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