Berufsbildungszentrum Dr. Juergen Ulderup

„Europassport Mobility“ for the Office Administrators of the Vocational School BBZ Dr. Jürgen Ulderup – Make competences visible

It´s the beginning of their 3rd and final year at the BBZ Dr. J. Ulderup. For the first time 10 vocational students successfully complete a 3-week internship in Torquay, England. All of them receive the „Europassport Mobility“ which certifies that the students have stayed abroad for a work experience.

This international internship is sponsored by the Euopean Comission under the Erasmus+ Programme (formerly known as Leonardo da Vinci) and the Ministry of Education. Shortly before the trainees leave the BBZ Dr. J. Ulderup they were handed out the Certificate „Europassport Mobility“.

„In order to successfully complete this internship in England it takes courage to first decide to do it, as well as fexibility and the ability to adapt and find your way in the foreign country, speaking English at the workplace and in the private surroundings. This is the best way to improve your English and gain international experience“, says Peter Willenborg, Coordinator of the project.

On the photograph from left to right: Peter Willenborg (Projektkoordinator), Gesa Weghöft (BASF Polyurethan GmbH), Jasmin Windhorst (Gerdes & Landwehr GmbH & Co. KG), Vanessa Uhlenberg (Autohaus Anders GmbH), Janine Bräuer (Service Point Diepholz), Radia Hammoud (LR Gebäudereinigung GmbH), Sarah Augustinowski (NTB medizinische Geräte GmbH), Yvonne Ehlers (Amdre GmbH), Sara Schulz (AOK), Julia Bondank (AOK), Ines Mohrmann (AWG mbH), Birgitt Kathmann (Schulleiterin).

Not only during their work day the trainees have to use their English. The trainees also have a preparatory class and during their spare time they talk to students from other European countries and from overseas. By communicating with different cultures they also make new friends. „That way we became more self-confident and were not afraid of making a mistake when for example talking to our colleagues at work“, say the participants.

Thus, not only the participants all agreed that this internship meant a great chance also for advancement and personality development, but so did the apprenticing companies. The apprenticing companies of our trainees (see below) made great advances and were willing to cooperate. The school´s principal Birgitt Kathmann and Peter Willenborg very much thank them for their commitment.



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