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Northern Ireland is our next and final destination

Comenius Meeting in (Northern) Ireland, May 2010

Tuesday, 18th May:
The last journey of the Comenius group started on the 18th of May, 2010. The German teachers and pupils and as well the Netherlands took the train from Diepholz to Cologne. At about 10 o’clock in the morning the group arrived at Cologne/Bonn airport. After the check-in Mr Engelmann made the pupils aware of Oliver Pocher and indeed, the comedian stood among all the other people using his mobile phone. Unfortunately, nobody asked him for an autograph. The flight to Dublin was pleasant and after one and a half hour the group already approached Ireland’s capital. The Comenius group travelled by bus to the hotel and after the luggage was unloaded the pupils enjoyed a small insight of Dublin’s stores. The Italian teachers and pupil took a flight by themselves from Bari and arrived at the hotel in the afternoon. Finally complete, all group members made a tour through Dublin with its GPO and unique bars. One of the sights was the Guinness Storehouse in which the history of the famous Guinness beer is represented. In the top floor of this museum the Gravity Bar is located and offers a pint of Guinness for everyone .As well, you can get a 360 degree view around Dublin. Afterwards the pupils bought something to eat and the group went back to the hotel, exhausted from the first day.

Wednesday, 19th May:
After having breakfast the Comenius group visited St. Patrick Cathedral and Trinity College in Dublin. While the teachers were getting the hired cars the students waited in the hotel lobby. Finally we all went by car to Belfast which took about 3 hours. In Belfast we took a walk through the city and already saw the city council of Belfast. Accordingly we went again by car to Coleraine where our next hotel was. We got there at about 20:30, checked in and had free time. Some of us had dinner at the hotel restaurant while others went to have dinner in a restaurant nearby.

Thursday, 20th May:
Thursday was planned to be the Comenius project day in Limavady Grammar School which is near Coleraine. We were picked up by Mr Devlin with a school shuttle at 8 o’clock and went to the school. There we were given a tour around the school by the Vice Principal Mr. Handforth and also had some time to conclude our presentations. Afterwards we had lunch in the school cafeteria. Then we finally held our presentations in which we all introduced our schools and presented our results of the assignments for this meeting. The school day ended for us at 3 o’clock and then we went by bus with Peter Devlin as our driver to some beautiful places on the coast, for instance to the Gortmore Picnic area where we took a sample of great pictures. Moreover we spent some time on the beach and also saw a castle in Portstewart. We got back to our hotel at about 18:00. In the evening the whole group and also the Irish teachers had dinner at a pizzeria in Coleraine.

Friday, 21st May:
On Friday the Comenius group visited the old Bushmills Distillery, Ireland’s only working whiskey distillery open to visitors. Because of an age limit the group was not able to get a closer view into the distillery and so they only entered the shop and some of the members bought a genuine Irish whiskey. Then, the group went on visiting the Giants Causeway, one of Europe’s most famous miracle of nature. A lot of pictures were taken from this breathtaking area. Another highlight represented a City Tour through Belfast which was taken after a short shopping walk. During the bus trip one of our students had to get off the bus together with Mr Willenborg searching for the City Hospital. The others remained sitting in the bus and listened attentively to the humorous travel guide. The Titanic Quarter, the popular Shankill Road and Queen’s University were only some of many other sights the group was able to see. When all the members got together they left Belfast and started their journey from Northern Ireland back to Dublin. In the evening a dinner in the hotel concluded this eventfully Friday and the Germans and Netherlands said goodbye to the Italians.

Saturday, 22nd May:
On the last day of the trip the German and Dutch group members had a great breakfast in the hotel and then drove to the airport ready for the flight back to Germany. Without any complications they arrived Cologne/Bonn airport and travelled to the train station. There, the group departed and the German students and teachers wanted to take the train back to Diepholz. After a small misunderstanding all members entrained and got home safely.
Besides the visit of the hospital or pharmacy, the trip to (Northern) Ireland turned out to be very exciting, fun and maybe for some of our group members a little strenuous. All in all it was a new experience for the whole group and perhaps the Comenius members will keep in touch although the project ended with this meeting in Ireland.

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